Income Share Agreement (ISA) Programs for Schools

ISA Programs For Schools

Utilizing Goal Structured Solutions’ (GS2) analytics driven approach to product development, we build Income Share Agreement (ISA) programs in partnership with schools. We combine our proprietary databases and partner with the school to gather outcomes data that includes employment and salary information. Vemo, our strategic partner with an operations center in Tampa Florida, provides a customized originations and servicing platform for income share agreements. We also offer several solutions designed to monetize ISAs offered through schools.  These funding solutions allows us to offer cash flow opportunities to schools that leverage ISAs. We utilize two different financing structures that emphasize interest alignment and our structures utilize the robust GS2 investment/capital platform as well as the Vemo origination and servicing platform.

Why consider an ISA Program for your school?

  • Finding alternatives to traditional debt is an emerging consumer trend.
  • Student need is ever escalating, as is student loan debt, while long term competitive loan alternatives are diminishing.
  • ISAs offer a transparent method to fund higher education that more appropriately aligns risk and outcomes.

Why consider GS2 as your ISA partner?

  • We serve as a single point of contact for the school from build to implementation to financing.
  • We are a leading subject matter expert on ISAs and proven nearly two decade long experience in higher education finance.
  • We offer a financing platform nimble enough to quickly adapt to market and school needs yet robust enough to provide guidance to institutional investors to support schools’ funding needs.

Goal Structured Solutions, Inc. (GS2) offers cash flow opportunities to schools that leverage ISAs and utilizes two different financing structures that emphasize interest alignment.  We are an employee owned, award-winning education finance asset management company that has been working collaboratively in the student loan industry for nearly two decades to provide customized products and services for our clients. To learn more about Goal Structured Solutions, Inc., visit

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