GS2 Pioneers Income-Based Repayment Models with $2 Million Loan Facility Leveraging Income Share Agreements

SAN DIEGO, CA – Goal Structured Solutions, Inc. (“GS2”) is pleased to announce that it has, in partnership with Make School, become the first lender to enhance cash flow opportunities for schools by leveraging Income Share Agreements (ISAs). GS2 recently closed a $2 million credit facility, enabling Make School students to fund their education debt free with ISAs.  This groundbreaking ISA collaboration creates transparency in higher education by aligning the cost of an education with students’ outcomes.

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Investors are Paying College Students’ Tuition — But They want a Share of Future Income in Return

Melissa Gillbanks is no fan of student loans, so when she was looking for a way to pay for her senior year at Purdue University, she was happy to sign away a portion of her future income in exchange for a very different way to raise cash for college.  Gillbanks decided she would finance part of her last year of school with something called an income-share agreement.

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The Conservative Approach to Student Loans

For much of the new year, Jason Delisle has taken every available opportunity to argue against a return to the bank-based federal student loan system that existed before 2010. On panels, in policy papers and in guest columns and op-eds, the American Enterprise Institute resident fellow has made the case that returning to a bank-based system from the current set-up where the government originates all federal student loans — a plank of the GOP platform — is misguided policy.

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